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01 Mar
Giving a Crap

The Master Plumbers have published Matt's article titled "Giving a Crap" in Australia's leading plumbing magazine "Australian Plumbing". Lessons from legends is approximately a 3-minute read on improving yourself and getting better in business. To read the full article navigate to the magazine via this direct...

21 Feb
#035: Ryan Trainor | BSchool

Ryan Trainor Trench Talk Podcast XRM

EPISODE #035 – Ryan Trainor

Ryan Trainor is a serial entrepreneur, former Carlton Football Club Board Member and Co-Founder at BSchool


13 Feb
#034: Simon Griffiths | Who Gives A Crap

Simon Griffiths Trench Talk Podcast Matt Reynolds

EPISODE #034 – Simon Griffiths

A little over five years ago, Simon sat on a toilet for 50 straight hours as a publicity stunt to raise awareness for...

03 Feb

Logan Nathan (@logannathan) has developed and built an app for the building and maintenance industry called i4Tradies.

He’s also an electronics engineer, Microsoft Brand Ambassador and former employee of BHP where he rolled out the first IBM PS2 machine (the most powerful computer...

24 Jan
#033: Amy Kilpin | Triathlete

Amy Kilpin Interview Podcast Trench Talk Matt Reynolds

EPISODE #033 – Amy Kilpin

Amy Kilpin runs her own marketing agency and is an age group triathlete, racing for Great Britain


02 Jan
#031: 30 from 30 | 2017 Highlights

Trench Talk Matt Reynolds

EPISODE #031 – 30 Highlights from 2017

2017 Podcast Highlights including Scotty Cam, Anthony Koutoufides, Shane Jacobson, Steve Richards, Roland Lazenby, Ross Savas


12 Dec
#029: Logan Nathan | i4Tradies

Logan Nathan Trench Talk Podcast #029

EPISODE #029 – Logan Nathan

Logan Nathan has developed an app for the building and maintenance industry called i4Tradies