#035: Ryan Trainor | BSchool

Ryan Trainor Trench Talk Podcast XRM

EPISODE #035 – Ryan Trainor

Ryan Trainor is a serial entrepreneur, former Carlton Football Club Board Member and Co-Founder at BSchool...

#034: Simon Griffiths | Who Gives A Crap

Simon Griffiths Trench Talk Podcast Matt Reynolds

EPISODE #034 – Simon Griffiths

A little over five years ago, Simon sat on a toilet for 50 straight hours as a publicity stunt to raise awareness for their...

#033: Amy Kilpin | Triathlete

Amy Kilpin Interview Podcast Trench Talk Matt Reynolds

EPISODE #033 – Amy Kilpin

Amy Kilpin runs her own marketing agency and is an age group triathlete, racing for Great Britain...

#031: 30 from 30 | 2017 Highlights

Trench Talk Matt Reynolds

EPISODE #031 – 30 Highlights from 2017

2017 Podcast Highlights including Scotty Cam, Anthony Koutoufides, Shane Jacobson, Steve Richards, Roland Lazenby, Ross Savas...

#029: Logan Nathan | i4Tradies

Logan Nathan Trench Talk Podcast #029

EPISODE #029 – Logan Nathan

Logan Nathan has developed an app for the building and maintenance industry called i4Tradies...