#038: Sachi Wickramage | i4Tradies

Trench Talk Podcast EP38 Sachi-Wickramage-Social-Innovation-Congress-Singapore

EPISODE #038 – Sachi Wickramage

Sachi Wickramage is a Jury Member of the United Nations’ World Summit Awards Global Contest ...

#035: Ryan Trainor | BSchool

Ryan Trainor Trench Talk Podcast XRM

EPISODE #035 – Ryan Trainor

Ryan Trainor is a serial entrepreneur, former Carlton Football Club Board Member and Co-Founder at BSchool...

#034: Simon Griffiths | Who Gives A Crap

Simon Griffiths Trench Talk Podcast Matt Reynolds

EPISODE #034 – Simon Griffiths

A little over five years ago, Simon sat on a toilet for 50 straight hours as a publicity stunt to raise awareness for their...