#047: Adam Sand | Roofing Business Partner

26 Feb #047: Adam Sand | Roofing Business Partner

Adam Sand Trench Talk

Adam Sand is an online marketer unlike many who operate in the trade space because he actually owns and assists in running a successful roofing company – Sargeants Roofing out of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

After Adam applied and perfected the 15 plus years of experience he gained marketing in a variety of industries which included building and selling an app for the Sunbed and tanning salon sector, to his company Sargeants Roofing, Adam has since begun helping other Roofing contractors automate their business and marketing processes. His main focus is now his current venture Roofing Business Partner where he is helping other roofing contractors.

It’s fair to say the marketing landscape has changed for every business owner across every industry. As Adam explains, just a few short years ago most businesses had only a couple of easy marketing decisions to make each year – the main one being what size is my ad in the yellow pages going to be along with a couple of options like a local newspaper for example. Then came the internet and virtually unlimited opportunity.

During this chat, we covered:

  • the future of trade businesses
  • what has changed is the website space and how to climb to the top of Google so your customers can find you
  • Facebook ads and how he has used them to grow his own business
  • how tradesman and contractors should use Instagram, and
  • simplifying and automating trade businesses

To find out more about Adam and his current work, head to https://roofingbusinesspartner.com. You can also find Adam on Instagram.

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