#046: Tony Nash | Booktopia

31 Jan #046: Tony Nash | Booktopia

Tony Nash Trench Talk Podcast Interview

Tony Nash is the Founder of Booktopia.

He started the online bookstore as an evening side project with a $10 a day budget in 2004, the company has continued to grow at a rapid rate ever since.

Booktopia employs 160 people and sells one item every 6.9 seconds. In Christmas 2018 they were shipping 30,000 individual items per day. Revenue for FY2018 is $115 million.

In 2016 & 2017 they were voted Australian Book Retailer of the Year.

During this chat, we covered:

  • some of the strategies he has used to grow Booktopia
  • automation and how they manage their stock
  • the methods they use to determine which books they list and sell on the website
  • why they haven’t attempted to run other products through their distribution facility and network
  • a little on deliveries and the future in that space, and
  • why Booktopia is currently raising capital through the crowdfunding platform Equitise. As I understand it, to-date, the biggest ever capital raise attempt using a crowdfunding platform in Australia.

To find out more about Tony and his current work, head to https://booktopia.com.au/. You can also find Tony on LinkedIn.

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