#045: Josh Kelly | RevuKangaroo

08 Jan #045: Josh Kelly | RevuKangaroo

Josh Kelly Trench Talk Podcast Interview Matt Reynolds

Josh Kelly lead the marketing team at one of the top 5 plumbing companies in the United States, Phoenix based, Parker and Sons. He has helped grow the business from a $6m turnover to in excess of $100m in the past 13 years, they now employ more than 500 people.

Off the back of Josh’s success at the Family owned business, he founded and is now building RevuKangaroo, a tech company for services businesses. Basically, Josh has systematized the online strategy that helped (and still is) fuelling the growth at Parker and Sons.

During this chat, we covered:

  • growing Parker and Sons sales past the $100m mark
  • some of his ideas about recruiting, training, managing and incentivising staff (including the 3 promises he makes to every employee)
  • profit margins, Josh is completely open with his numbers
  • why middle-sized companies in the United States are disappearing and why Australia will likely follow the exact same path
  • business reviews, how the online game is changing and how his tech company RevuKangroo is helping service businesses dominate in this space
  • a bunch of tips for getting business reviews, how to ask, who to ask, etc.
  • and, much, much, more.

To find out more about and his current work, head to https://revukangaroo.com/.

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